The Catholic University of America
Bringing a Lecturer to Campus
GSA is pleased to offer funding to help any CUA graduate student bring lecturers to campus. Inviting lecturers fosters intellectual growth, professional experience, and unique networking possibilities with professors from other academic or professional circles.
Funding Amounts for Sponsored Lectures
10 Students
20 Students
30 Students
40 Students
50 Students
75 Students
100 Students
Lecture Fee
** Small departmental associations (those with fewer than 20 enrollees) may be eligible for more funding.
Bringing a lecturer can be done in 5 easy steps. Please be sure to give yourself several months to prepare.
 1.   Plan the Lecture
  • Speak to your Department, School, or Advisor
  • Discuss the speaker in question and the possible lecture date
  • Consider permission for department space, help with funding, etc.
  • Establish a date - this should be at least 1 month in advance - and topic for the lecture in collaboration with your speaker
  • Be sure the topic is properly academic, fitting the requirements for GSA funding
  • Double check your date with CUA’s academic calendar.

* International speakers require more advance planning and different paperwork. Please contact the Lectures Chair for more information. 

Please Note: This service is intended for graduate student initiatives only. The Lectures Committee does not provide support for lectures that are arranged by faculty or staff or that are intended for a specific course.

 2.   Apply for GSA Lecture Funding and Invite the Speaker
  • Reserve a space on campus for the lecture (this may already be completed in Step 1 with your department)
  • Create a Flyer (This will be necessary for the GSA Funding Application). You can create one or use the template. (If you create one yourself, please include the GSA Logo.
  • Submit a fully completed Funding Application on the Nest to GSA-Lectures. * To log-in to the Nest, use your CUA Network ID and password here. Then follow this link to the Application for Lectures funding. Must be done at least 1 month in advance of the date of the lecture.
  • Once approved for GSA Funding you may officially invite the speaker

Once approved for GSA funding, you will be added as a “Lecture Host” on the GSA/Lectures Committee page on the Nest. As a “Lecture Host” on the Nest, you be able to submit all forms for reimbursements for your lecture.

 3.   Submit Paperwork
  • Submit a signed Contract and New Vendor Form (NVF) for the speaker on the Nest in a Purchase Request. [These forms are necessary only if you are negotiating a lecture fee with your speaker.] Additional help on how to fill out a Purchase Request is found hereLog into the Nest à  ‘My Shortcuts’ à  GSA Lectures à Finances à ‘Create a Purchase Request’ (or follow the link above). Please submit the contract and NVF as far in advance of the lecture date as possible.
  • Create an “event” on the Nest for your lecture so it will be on the University calendar.
 4.   Prepare for the Lecture Event
  • On campus: Confirm the reserved room is fully equipped with all necessary items (should have received a confirmation email several days after submitting room request). Post your flyers.
  • For the Lecturer: Ensure the signed Contract and NVF are submitted in a Purchase Request on the Nest at least 2 weeks in advance of the lecture. Help the Lecturer find hotel accommodations if necessary.
  • Plan a lecture reception: To get a purchasing card, fill out a Purchase Request on the Nest, specifying the amount requested.To pre-pay for catering, fill out a Purchase Request on the Nest, and attach the catering invoice. To use Aramark, email CUA CateringNote: Aramark is nearly always most expensive; an outside vendor can typically provide high quality food within your budget. If you pay for these costs yourself, see step 5 for the reimbursement process.
  • For ideas and options, see our list of frequently used vendors.        

Please Note: Alcohol at events must be served by a licensed vendor, e.g. Aramark. The University will not reimburse for any direct purchase of alcohol.

5.   Reimburse the Speaker and Yourself

  • For the Speaker’s travel: this process istime sensitive and must be submitted within 15 business days of the travel time. Complete a Purchase Request on the Nest: include a completed Travel Expense Report (TER) for your Speaker to reimburse travel and lodging. For more help on how to fill out the TER, see here* Be sure to gather any original paper receipts he/she may have and turn these in to the OCA office (Pryz 125) as soon as possible after your submission. Emailed receipts can be attached as a PDF in your Purchase Request.
  • To be reimbursed for supplies purchased, submit a Purchase Request on the Nest. Turn in all original paper receipts to OCA (Pryz 125). (This step may not be necessary if you use pre-paid services. See Step 4)
Confused or have questions? The GSA Lectures Chair is here to help.