The Catholic University of America


The Work of The Executive Committee

The President of The Graduate Student Association has the challenge of setting the initiatives for the academic year. These initiatives touch on the three main divisions of the organization: events, conferences, and lectures. Traditionally these initiatives included easy access to the association's committees, an increase in support for conferences, a new image, and an ambitious and adventurous calendar of events. 

Vice President
The Vice President works in concert with the President to carry out the year's initiatives. In the recent past, the Vice President organized the first ever university-wide graduate student conference.

The Treasurer's drives the work of the entire Executive Committee by giving the association's officers both a rear-view mirror and a windshield equipped with wipers. In the past, the Treasurer and President conducted a five-year audit of the association's accounts: knowing where we have been has given us clear direction in pushing forward with the initiatives set out for the coming year.

The Secretary has the important work of facilitating correspondence and record-keeping within the organization, occasionally even corresponding with the university community on behalf of the association. Recently the Secretary was key in implementing an all-new process of issuing promissory notes and letters of acceptance to those applying for conference reimbursement. 

Academic Senator
Our senators in the Faculty Senate are the eyes, ears, and occasionally the mouth of the association before the university's own governing body. This representative reports to the Graduate Student Senate the proceedings of the Faculty Senate, and occasionally bring agenda items to the Faculty Senate on our behalf.

The Parliamentarian ensures that the proper protocol is followed in the proceedings of the Graduate Student Senate and the Executive Committee. This individual has the task of mastering Robert's Rules of Order, as well as the By-laws and Constitution of the association.

Professional Development Chair
The Professional Development chair collaborates with on-campus offices to faciliate professional development opportunities such as coordinating events to help graduate students in building and marketing a professional skill set.

Events Coordinator
The Events Manager plans and carries out the year's calendar of events for graduate students, including the legendary Crabfest. In recent years the association has undertaken very ambitious events calendars including twenty-five trips to the area's best venues.

Conferences Chair
The Chair of Conferences has the important work of processing all of the forms filled out and submitted by graduate students in support of their academic and professional development. In the recent past this committee was made more accessible to graduate students by abrogating the requirement for graduate students to submit their paperwork to their departmental senator rather than to the Committee Chair. This committee is now directly accessible to graduate students.

Lectures Chair
The Lectures Chair hears and processes the requests of graduate students for the sponsorship of academic lectures on campus. Recently, this committee too revised its rules so that any graduate student may now bring requests to this committee. 

Public Relations Director
The Public Relations Director works to promote the work of The Graduate Student Association, increasing the visibility of GSA-sponsored events and lectures, as well as the various services provided for graduate students.