The Catholic University of America


2017-2018 Executive Committee


Esther Hudson

Vice President

Evan Hughes


Christopher Suehr


 Stan Molchanov

Academic Senator

Events Chair

Conferences Chair

Lectures Chair

Professional Development Chair


Public Relations Director

Carly Jones

Majedah Alkharji

Dominic Pigneri

 Keturah Kiehl

Emily Mason (Sobel)


Salina F. Ali


 GSA Executive Committee Meetings - Fall 2018

August 22nd (Location: Pryz 331)
September 5th (Location: TBD)
September 19th (Location: TBD)
October 3rd (Location: TBD)
October 24th (Location: TBD)
November 7th (Location: TBD)
December 5th (Location: TBD)

All EC meetings will be held at 6:30 pm in the noted locations before the general GSA senate meetings at 7:30 pm. An email reminder will be sent if any changes are made.
N.B. There is NO GSA senate meeting on August 22nd.


See all senate minutes here: GSA Senate Minutes