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Parents Committee

Housing Committee

Philanthropy Committee

Professional Development Committee

International Committee


Parents Committee

The GSA Parents Committee of The Catholic University of America is a social club and network for grad students who are parents.  Fellow CUA grad students, please join us!

Our primary goals are:

1)  To increase access to resources that are already available and to improve campus resources for parents, and

2)  To build an active network of CUA grad students who are parents in order to spread information and provide mutual support.

In terms of campus resources, the Parents Committee will create a shared database of available babysitters, pursue campus improvements such as high chairs in the food court, and share information about other CUA resources already in place. The Parents Committee will build community among GSA parents who share similar challenges in our academic careers.  

The Parents Committee has a private directory of parents, accessible only by request. To be included and see the directory, email Elizabeth Demahy

Goals of this Committee

In the spring of 2012, Dean Greene, Dean of the Graduate School at Catholic University, contacted the then GSA president, Joe Forte, and suggested putting together a Housing Committee to serve the housing needs of the graduate student body at Catholic University. Later, a Housing Committee was formed within the GSA which brought together graduate students interested in identifying housing-related problems and generating ideas for addressing them. Today, the mission of the GSA Housing Committee is to able graduate students to secure on-campus housing. To this end, the Housing Committee develops and administers housing need based surveys, conducts formal and informal interviews with CUA graduate students, meets regularly with campus administrators to communicate findings and reevaluate the housing needs of CUA graduate students. The ultimate goal of the Housing Committee is to make on-campus housing available to all graduate students who request it.

Housing Opportunities for 2015-2016

Housing services expects there to be on-campus housing available for the upcoming school year.  Find out details and submit an application here.
The Stuart Center operates a small conference center in the heart of Brookland and is looking for a female graduate student who would be interested in helping to staff. This would entail helping to set up/clean up meals, be present when groups are having meetings, keeping meeting areas neat and tidy and care for overnight guests. Our overnight guest population is minimal at the present. This may increase with time. You would be working very closely with our Resident Manager and his wife.
In exchange for this we would provide you with sleeping quarters and a kitchen. 
 and click on the Stuart Center tab.
If interested or would like more information, please contact Sister Vicky Rajca at202-635-7987 extension 11 or 301-802-3104 (cell).

    Philanthropy Committee

Goals of this Committee

The GSA Philanthropy Committee organizes charitable opportunities each year. Serving on the Committee, or participating in its events, is an opportunity to give back to the Washington, DC community.

Professional Development Committee

Chair for Professional Development Committee

The GSA is seeking a Chair for the newly-formed Professional Development Committee. The Chair would work with on-campus offices, such as Alumni Relations and the Center for Academic Success to organize on-campus events to help graduate students advance in their careers, both professionally and pedagogically. Additionally, the Committee organizes a Careers Conference in the Spring. Members of the Professional Development Committee will have the opportunity to gain and demonstrate significant event-coordination experience, as well as meet administrators and successful CUA Alumni.

If you're interested in serving on the Committee, please contact Esther Hudson, GSA President

International Students Committee

More information about this committee is coming soon! You can also contact the committee chair Xiaomeng Liang.





Contact Information

If you are interested in serving on or forming a committee, please contact Esther Hudson.